KNAN – Relations With Planning Authorities

The Contoocook Valley School Board will participate in local and state planning functions that could directly affect district schools and their immediate environment.

The Superintendent will keep the Board informed of planning matters bearing directly on the operation of district schools or school-sponsored programs, and will undertake action on behalf of the Board to influence matters in the best interests of the students, the schools and the district.

The Superintendent will give particular attention to the following factors when analyzing the impact of local planning proposals:

1. Effect on the school and its students of forced growth in excess of the maximum enrollment limits stated in the school district s master plan.
2. Highway construction and traffic implications such as noise and air pollution, hazardous crossings, and congested ingress and egress.
3. Overload, deterioration, vandalism, and maintenance of schools, fields, tennis courts, pools, and other school facilities as neighborhood civic centers.
4. Need for bikeways, parking and additional bus transportation.

April 2, 1991