BIA – School Board Member Orientation

School Board and SAU staff shall make every feasible effort to assist the new member to become fully informed about the Board’s functions, policies, and procedures within six months of being seated on the Board.

Workshops will be convened for the primary purpose of orienting the new member to his or her responsibilities, to the Board’s method of operating, and to Districts policies and procedures.

Each new member will be given access to the following materials:

1. The previous year’s complete record of minutes.
2. A copy of Revised Statutes Annotated Relating to Public Schools at (RSA)
3. The School Board Member’s Manual – The Essential Guide for Effective Service, 2nd edition; Jeff Stratton, LRP Publications, Horsham, Pennsylvania, 2008.
4. The School Board Policy Manual.
5. The NH School Boards Association Orientation Packet.
6. The current school budget.
7. Negotiated Labor Agreements.

New Board members are strongly encouraged to attend the annual New Hampshire School Board Association training.

Cateory: Recommmended

1st Read: June 4, 2013
2nd Read: June 18, 2013
Adopted: June 18, 2013