BEDA — Public Notification of School Board Meetings

All School Board Meetings are open to the public. The School Board will announce at least 24 hours in advance (excluding Sundays and legal Holidays) through two public postings and, when possible, by the newspapers and electronic media, the date, time, and place of all regular and special meetings and the major topics to be discussed.

The Board may need to hold an emergency meeting in the case where immediate undelayed action is deemed to be imperative by the Board Chair or presiding Officer of the body or agency, who shall employ whatever means are available to inform the public that a meeting is to be held. The minutes of the meetings shall clearly spell out the need for the emergency meeting.

Legal Reference:
  RSA 91-A:2, II, Public Records and Meetings: Meetings Open to the Public


1st Read: June 3, 2014
2nd Read: August 19, 2014
Adopted: August 19, 2014