JLCL — Life Threatening Allergies

The Contoocook Valley School District recognizes that students are being diagnosed with life threatening allergies and is committed to the safety and health of all students.

The policy goals are to:
1. Provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students;
2. Reduce the likelihood of severe or potentially life-threatening allergic reactions;
3. Ensure an appropriate and rapid response in the event of a severe or potentially life-threatening      allergic reaction;
4. Protect the rights of students with severe or potentially life-threatening allergies to participate in all school activities.

The parent/guardians will provide the school nurse, prior to the start of the school year or as soon as possible after diagnosis, with written documentation from the licensed health care provider on the ConVal form “Medical Action Plan for Allergic Reactions” (MAPAR) or health care provider allergic reaction plan, which will serve as the basis for the development of the Integrative Health Care Plan (IHCP for Allergic Reactions). This form is available on the ConVal web site.

The parent/guardian must ensure the prescribed medication is available to student at all times or the student will not be permitted to attend off campus activities.
Annual education and training on the management of students with life threatening allergies will be given to all staff interacting with the student on a regular basis.


1st Read: October 2, 2018
2nd Read: October 16, 2018
Adopted: October 16, 2018