GCA – Teaching Staff Positions

Responsibilities and Duties of Teachers

The teacher shall be academically qualified in the area he/she is to instruct and should demonstrate a competence at transmitting learning to the student and the manner and means of accumulating, assimilating, and evaluation the knowledge associated with his/her academic field. The teacher should demonstrate an awareness of other academic fields and should possess a reasonable and responsible approach toward the education of the whole child.

The teacher shall constantly be alert to their example presented to students, parents, community, and fellow workers. Relationships shall avoid personal attachments that detract from the obligation to constantly lead and critically evaluate the individual and the situation.

The teacher must be aware of various instructional strategies and participate in exploration of possible changes in method or content of instruction.

The teacher shall demonstrate an ability to control the situations encountered in the performance of duties while exhibiting the proper respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.

The teacher shall demonstrate the ability to define the objectives of instruction and the ability to assess the results of the efficiency and effectiveness of the instruction.

A basic teaching assignment is described as but not limited to the following: The teacher will instruct regular classes; properly prepare lessons and tests; properly correct all assigned work; evaluate student work, use care in filling out requested forms and reports; supervise bus arrivals and departures, playgrounds, cafeteria, hallways as special assignment, and as a general phase of daily work; make use of the extra help periods; accept and adequately perform duties as advisor to classes or clubs (including chaperoning occasional nighttime activities) and report to the assigned building on days as scheduled by the Superintendent and attend other affairs which are periodic in nature, such as teachers’ meetings, department meetings, professional development, and community affairs directly related to the School and to actively participate in the School program. Each teacher is required to carry out assignments from the building Principal or other responsible Administrator in conformance with School Board policies and regulations of the Board and the Superintendent.

Subject to Collective Bargaining Provisions and individual teaching contracts.

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1st Read: September 17, 2013
2nd Read: February 4, 2014
Adopted: February 4, 2014