KEC– Instructional and Educational Media

Statement of Intent 

It is the policy of the ConVal School Board to require that curricular and instructional materials be chosen on the basis of their educational value and alignment with the curricular framework of the District. Supplemental educational and instructional materials, such as  assigned textbooks, digital resources, books and other reading or audio-visual material [ all collectively referred to as “Educational media”] shall be chosen on the basis that they are of broad interest or enlightenment of all students in the community.

Educational media shall not be excluded because of the race, nationality, political, or religious views of the writer/creator or of its style and language. Every effort will be made to provide materials that present all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times, international, national, and local, and educational media of sound factual authority shall not be digitally blocked, prescribed or removed from classrooms because of partisan, doctrinal approval or disapproval. Notwithstanding such, the District shall be under no obligation to provide direct access to all known educational media but shall instead assist students with gaining access to appropriate and sufficient educational resources.

The School Board has approved principles governing the selection of all educational media, including library media and has established policies pertaining to the selection process (see Policy IJL). However, the Board wishes to amplify its principles on the selection of educational media and other materials which present controversial topics or which for other reasons might be challenged:

Right to Criticize Educational media and the use of alternative media

The Board recognizes the right of an individual parent to request that their own child not read or view  certain educational media. When such a request is presented, the teacher and/or school administrator should resolve the situation, by arranging for use of alternative educational media that meets the same instructional purpose. This does not apply, however, to basic program texts and specific instructional materials that are part of the curriculum. The process to follow in the circumstance where a Parent, Guardian or adult student wishes to take exception to specific course material is set forth in Policy IGE.

The Board shall not permit any individual or group to exercise censorship over educational media or instructional materials, but recognizes that at times a reevaluation of the educational value of certain material may be desirable. Should an individual or group ask to have educational media withdrawn from curricular use:

  1. All matters of concern regarding educational media shall be reported to the school principal. The Assistant Superintendent shall be made aware of the concern within five (5) business days.
  2. The school principal will contact the parent/guardian or resident to discuss the matter and explain the District policy.
  3. Administration may schedule a meeting with the parent/guardian or resident and staff member(s) involved with the selection of the item in question in order to review the selection criteria and process as well as its intended use.
  4. If the concern remains unresolved, the parent/guardian or resident shall be advised of the procedure for handling formal reconsideration. They will also be provided a Request for Reconsideration Form which shall be completed and returned before formal reconsideration will be given.
  5. If the formal request for reconsideration has not been received by the Assistant Superintendent within ten (10) business days, the item review shall be considered closed.
  6. Upon receipt of a completed Request for Reconsideration Form, the Assistant Superintendent shall inform the Superintendent and establish a Reconsideration Committee.
  7. At a minimum, the Reconsideration Committee shall consist of the Assistant Superintendent, a Principal or Assistant Principal, a teacher, a library media specialist, two parents (other than the requesting resident), and a school board representative from the Education Committee. The Assistant Superintendent, at their discretion, may choose to appoint additional members.
  8. The committee shall be provided with the request for reconsideration and will:
    1. Read and/or examine the materials referred to it;
    2. Check the general acceptance of the materials by reading reviews;
    3. Weigh values and faults against each other and form opinions based on the materials as a whole and not on passages, statements, or images pulled out of context;
    4. Meet to discuss the material and prepare a report containing their decision on the disposition of the matter;
    5. File a copy of the report in the specific school and administrative offices.
  1. The Assistant Superintendent shall notify the parent/guardian or resident of the decision and provide a copy of the committee’s report.
  2. The parent/guardian or resident may appeal the decision in writing to the Superintendent within five (5) business days. The Superintendent shall review the report, relevant materials, and the item under reconsideration.
  3. Should the Superintendent uphold the decision, the resident may file a final appeal to the School Board. They will:
  1. Present a written notice of appeal within five (5) business days;
  2. Attach a copy of the original written request and a copy of the committee’s report;
  3. Request a hearing date with the School Board.
  4. The School Board shall review the report, relevant materials, and the item under reconsideration.

In summary, the Board assumes final responsibility for all educational media and instructional materials it makes available to students; it holds its professional staff accountable for their proper selection.  It recognizes rights of individual parents with respect to controversial materials used by their own children; and it will provide for the reevaluation of electronic media upon formal request.  On the other hand, students’ right to learn and the freedom of teachers to teach shall be respected.

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1st  Read:  January 17, 2023

2nd Read:  March 7, 2023

Adopted:  March 7, 2023