BBBE — Unexpired Term Fulfillment

In a cooperative school district, the remaining school board members representing the same town as the departed member shall fill a vacancy on the school board, provided that there are at least two such members. If there are fewer than two members representing that town, or if the remaining members are unable, by majority vote, to agree upon an appointment, the selectmen of the town involved shall fill the vacancy by majority vote. If the selectmen are unable to fill the vacancy, the cooperative school district moderator shall make the appointment. A member appointed to fill a vacancy under these circumstances shall serve until the next district election when the voters of the district shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term.

Legal Reference:
 RSA 197:26, School Meetings & Officers: Vacancies
             RSA 671:33, School District Elections: Vacancies

Category:  O

1st Read: February 5, 2013
2nd Read: February 19, 2013
Adopted: February 19, 2013