GBEB — Staff Conduct

A.  General Provisions.

All employees have the responsibility to make themselves familiar with, and abide by, the laws of the State of New Hampshire as they affect their work, all policies and decisions of the Board, and the administrative regulations and directives designed to implement them.

All employees shall be expected to carry out their assigned duties, support and enforce Board policies and administrative regulations, submit required reports, protect District property, and where applicable, provide oversight of students and contribute to the education and development of the District’s students.

Employees are advised that failure to abide by this and other school board policies can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, and can result in non-renewal.  Any action taken regarding an employee’s employment with the District will be consistent with all rules, laws, and collective bargaining agreements, if applicable.

B.  Adoption and Incorporation of Standards of Code of Conduct for New Hampshire Educators.

The Board incorporates by reference, and adopts as independent standards of conduct relative to employment in the District, the provisions of the New Hampshire Code of Conduct for New Hampshire Educators (Ed 510.01-510.05) (the “NH Code of Conduct”), as the same may be amended by the State from time to time.  The District reserves the right to take employment action against any employee based upon the District’s interpretation of the provisions of the NH Code of Conduct and the District’s independent assessment of whether an employee has violated said provisions. The District’s interpretation, assessment and/or action thereon, are independent of any interpretation by the New Hampshire Department of Education (“DOE”) with respect to those standards, and irrespective of any investigation by or action taken by the DOE relative to a District employee’s conduct.

C.  Dissemination.

The content or a copy of this policy should be included in every employee/staff member handbook, and/or otherwise provided annually to each employee, designated volunteer, and contracted party.

 Legal References

        N.H. Dept. of Education Administrative Rule – Ed 303.01
       N.H. Dept. of Education Administrative Rule – Ed 510.01- 510.05, Code of Conduct for NH Educators
      NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 511, Denial, Suspension or Revocation of Certified Personnel
      N.H. Dept of Education, Code of Ethics for NH Educators
     RSA 189:13, Dismissal of Teacher
     RSA 189:14-a, Failure to be Renominated or Reelected
     RSA 189:14-d, Termination of Employment

Category:  Recommended

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1st Reading:  November 19, 2019
2nd Reading:  December 3, 2019
AdoptionDecember 3, 2019