JLCC-R Head Lice Checklist for the Home

Treatment is focused first on the student, and then the environment

A. Treatment of hair as directed by your Primary Care Provider (PCP) – if using an over-the-counter product, repeat per label instructions

● Daily head check – under good lighting
● Use appropriate comb
● Manually remove nits
● Remove live lice – scotch tape may make this easier
● If live lice are noted after treatment, please call your PCP – your PCP may order a different medication

B. Continue daily head checks – for 3 weeks
● Check family heads daily for 3 weeks
● Bag linen, stuffed animals and other non-washable items for 48 hours
● Wash linens, towels, clothing worn during treatments and nit/lice removal – using hot water to wash and the hot cycle on the dryer for at least 20 minutes

● Vacuum floors, furniture and cars – only after initial treatment
● Soak combs and brushes for at least an hour in rubbing alcohol, Lysol, or washed with soap and very hot water

C. The family may consider checking incoming visitors to the home


October 26, 2017