BA – Evaluation Of Board Operational Procedures

The ConVal School Board will attempt to conduct a review of goals. The Board will establish annual goals and objectives that will serve as a benchmark and criteria for annual reviews.

The following areas of Board operations and relationships are representative of those in which objectives may be set and progress appraised:

1. Relationship with the Superintendent
2. Community relations
3. Board meetings
4. Staff and Personnel Relationships
5. Relationship to Instructional Program
6. Financial Management of Schools
7. Policy development
8. Risk management
9. Other areas the Board determines should be evaluated

While the Board may decide to do so, it is not expected that every area listed above will necessarily be annually reviewed.

The Board desires that the annual self-evaluation and goal setting will clarify the Board’s role within the school community, address areas for the Board to improve, and address areas for which the Board should be commended.

Legal References:
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section ED. 303.01 (g), Substantive Duties of School Boards
     Appendix: BA-R1; BA-R2

Category: Recommended

First Read: October 2, 2018
Second Read: October 16, 2018
Adopted: October 16, 2018