JICDD – Student Discipline Out-Of-School Actions

The ConVal School Board recognizes that out-of-school and off-campus student conduct is not normally the concern of the Board.  However, the Board also recognizes that some out-of-school and off-campus conduct may have an adverse effect upon the school, school property, or school staff.

Therefore, it shall be the policy of this Board that the Board or school administrators may impose disciplinary measures against students for some out-of-school or off-campus conduct.

Discipline may be imposed if such out-of-school conduct causes a significant disruption or substantial interference with the school’s educational mission, purpose, or objectives.  Additionally, any off-campus or out-of-school behavior that has a strong potential to disrupt normal school operations may also be met with appropriate disciplinary actions.

Out-of-school and off-campus student conduct that may subject a student to discipline includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Damaging school property;
  2. Violence at or near the school’s bus stop, during bussing times;
  3. Drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, or using illegal drugs at or near the school bus stop, during bussing times;
  4. Damaging the private property of school staff or employees; or
  5. Any other activity the Board or administration determines impedes the general welfare of scholastic activities or the safety or welfare of the student body.

Cyber-Bullying and Internet Threats

Reports and/or allegations of cyberbullying will be addressed in accordance with the provisions of Board policy JICK.

Consistent with applicable law, the District will not require or request that a student disclose or provide to the District the student’s user name, password or other authenticating information to a student’s personal social media account.

However, the District may request to a student or a student’s parent/guardian that the student voluntarily share printed copies of specific information from a student’s personal social media account if such information is relevant to an ongoing District investigation.

Legal References:

 RSA 189:70, Educational Institution Policies on Social Media

     Revised:  September 2015

     Revised:  May 2006, August 2007, August 2008, September 2010

Category:  Recommended


First Read:  May 7, 2019

Second Read:  May 21, 2019

Adopted:  May 21, 2019