IHBG-R- Home Education Instruction Procedures



A. “Home Schooler” shall mean a “child” as defined in RSA 193-A:1 who resides within the towns of the ConVal District and participates in a home education program. However, this policy may, at the discretion of the Superintendent, apply to students who are over sixteen years of age.
B. “Parent” shall mean a parent, guardian, or person having legal custody of a child.
C. “Applicable School” shall mean the school within the ConVal School District, which the home schooler would be attending, but for his or her participation in a home education program.
D. “Applicable Principal” shall mean the principal of the applicable school or his or her designee.
E. “Educational Program” shall mean a course, class, co-curricular activity, field trip, use of the media center, or other programs or resources offered by or sponsored by the ConVal School District.
F. “The District” shall mean the ConVal School District.
G. “Superintendent” shall mean the Superintendent of SAU 1 or his/her designee.
H. “Interscholastic Activity” shall mean participation on a competitive athletic team organized at a ConVal Middle School or the High School under the auspices of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association and shall also be deemed to include an activity such as Ocean Bowl, and any other competitive activity which has games or contests with other schools not within the ConVal School District.

A. A home schooler may participate in educational programs and interscholastic activities to enhance his/her home education program, subject to the provisions of this policy, and is encouraged to do so.
B. All requests by a home schooler for participation in an educational program or interscholastic activities shall be made in writing by the parent, through the applicable principal to the Superintendent.
C. After consulting with the applicable Principal (who shall consult with appropriate staff), the Superintendent shall grant or deny the request in writing, based upon the following criteria and the special rules for participation in educational programs and/or interscholastic activities:
I. Whether granting the request would involve any expenses (other than nominal expenses) to the District.
II. Whether granting the request would result in a substantial administrative or staff burden.
III. Whether granting the request is administratively and academically feasible.

IV. Whether space is available in an educational program.
V. Whether the parent and home schooler demonstrate a willingness to follow the rules and regulations of the District, including those rules and regulations included herein.
VI. Whether the request for participation is academically appropriate for the home schooler as well as for other students who will also be participating in the educational activity.
VII. Whether the home schooler would require special services of any type.
VIII. Whether the request for participation is so extensive that the home schooler should be enrolled as a full time student in the ConVal School System.
IX. Whether any other factors exist why the request should be granted or denied.
D. The parent may appeal the decision of the Superintendent to the ConVal Board of Education, in writing, within ten days of the date of the Superintendent’s decision. The Board or a designated sub-committee of the Board, shall, at its next regularly scheduled meeting, hear the appeal. In addition to relevant documentary materials, the only evidence permitted before the Board, or a designated sub-committee of the Board shall be the oral or written testimony of the Superintendent, the parent of the home schooler (as defined in paragraph 1) and the home schooler.

A. All home schoolers participating in educational programs including co-curricular activities and/or interscholastic activities must follow all applicable rules, policies and procedures, specifically including requirements for physical exams and immunization. During his or her period of participation in school activities, each home schooler shall abide by all rules of the school as the rules pertain to all students; and the parents of the home schooler shall execute standard waivers and permissions and shall be subject to the rules, regulations, and notices as are in effect for all children and parents.
B. Neither the District, nor any of its agents or employees, is responsible for notifying the home schooler or his/her parents of any changes in schedule affecting the home schooler. It is the responsibility of the home schooler and his/her parents to inquire concerning schedules. However, such agents or employees are not precluded from making such notifications.
C. At the request of a parent, the District shall cause, the parent to be placed on the mailing list for any applicable school to receive such notices as are ordinarily distributed either by the mail, email or through students.
D. The District shall not be responsible for providing transportation for any home schooler unless such can be done at no additional cost to the District and without undue administrative burden to the District.

E. The District shall not be responsible for investigating or notifying the parent in the event that a home schooler does not attend an educational program. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) of the home schooler to assure the attendance of the home schooler at an educational program. The parent shall execute an appropriate waiver as prepared by counsel for the District, ensuring that the District is not responsible for the consequences, direct or indirect, of any home schoolers’ failure to attend or participate in an educational program.

A. Home schoolers participating in educational programs including co-curricular activities and/or interscholastic activities shall be subject to the same standards and code of conduct as any other participants in programs of the District.
B. The District reserves the right to terminate the participation of a home schooler in district programs at any time for the reasons set forth below. An appeal by a parent under this paragraph shall be handled in the same manner as an appeal regarding an original request for participation. (Paragraph 2.)
I. Failure of the home schooler to abide by all applicable rules and regulations, including all rules of student conduct.
II. Failure of the home schooler to participate in scheduled activities, or significant absences of the home schooler.
III. If an unforeseen significant expense occurs or comes to light related to the home schoolers participation.
IV. Failure to pay any required fees.
V. Failure of the home schooler to progress academically or to put forth reasonable effort in an academic program.
VI. Failure of the home schooler or parent to abide by the procedures set forth herein.
VII. Such other reason deemed sufficient by the Superintendent as occurs in the course of the home schoolers participation.

A. The ConVal School District shall not issue a diploma, certificate of graduation, or similar document for any home schooler unless the home schooler has: 1) Attended CVHS for at least one (1) years 2) Accumulated sufficient credits to meet State and Local graduation requirements
B. Only students who are enrolled in three or more classes shall be eligible to be listed on the Honor Roll. Only full-time students shall be eligible for the National Honor Society. A home schooler shall be eligible for a scholarship or academic award based only on academic work done within a ConVal School District program.

The following rules shall apply to a home schoolers request to participate in an interscholastic activity:
A. A home schooler requesting to participate in an interscholastic activity shall be subject to the same standards of eligibility as a student in the ConVal School System who wishes to participate, including health requirements, the requirements of physical examinations, academic requirements and standards of ability as set by the applicable coach or other District agent or official.
B. A home schooler shall be permitted to participate in an interscholastic game, official event or contest held on a school day. The principal or his/her designee shall be responsible for ensuring that the home schooler meets all NHIAA or official event requirements for such participation.
C. A home schooler shall be permitted to participate in an interscholastic activity only after the Superintendent is provided with sufficient proof that the home schooler has been and continues to make appropriate achievement in the home educational program. The Superintendent shall determine and be the sole judge of what constitutes reasonable and acceptable proof of academic progress.
D. The decision of a coach or other official as to whether or not a home schooler may participate in an interscholastic activity based upon ability or any other factor that the coach or other official deems appropriate shall be final.

A. The Superintendent may request an appropriate academic assessment of the home schooler, at the parents’ expense, prior to granting or denying the request to participate in a specific academic program. The Superintendent shall determine placement within any academic program. (For example, a student would ordinarily not be allowed to participate in French III until it is established that he or she has demonstrated sufficient proficiency in the French language to do so. Reference Policy JCA).
B. Requests for the use of the library, audiovisual materials, and the like shall ordinarily be granted in the absence of substantial reasons to the contrary. If it is determined that it is appropriate to loan school materials to a home schooler, the parent is responsible for all costs for loss or damage, and the District may require a security deposit in reasonable amount.
C. If deemed advisable by the applicable principal, requests for participation in field trip activities may be granted upon condition that a parent of a home schooler accompanies the field trip as a chaperon. The applicable principal may waive this condition.
D. Requests for participation in activities that are purely social, such as school dances, will be determined in accordance with the school’s guest policies or practices.

E. Requests for counseling, psychological services, guidance services and advice on post-secondary educational options shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.
F. As a service to our home school families the ConVal School District will provide special education testing and evaluations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. However, requests for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other special services shall generally be denied.

1st Board Reading: February 3, 2004
Adopted: March 2, 2004