BBBD – School Board Removal From Office

School Board members may only be removed from office as provided in RSA 32:12 and RSA 42:1-a. RSA 32:12 prohibits School Board members from violating the provisions of RSA 32 relating to the expenditures of school district money. RSA 42:1-a prohibits school board members from breaching confidentiality standards. Violations of either of these statues may result in the board member being removed from office.

Category: O

Legal Reference:
RSA 32:12, Municipal Budget Law: Penalty
RSA 42:1-a, Oaths of Town Officers: Manner of Dismissal, Breach of Confidentiality

1st Read: February 5, 2013
2nd Read: February 19, 2013
Adopted: February 19, 2013