DK – Payment Procedures

In keeping with the District’s desire for efficient fiscal management, the following procedure for payment of its liabilities is in effect:

Payment by the Treasurer will be authorized on the basis of two (or more) School Board members.  In order that Board Members be fully informed, and have the opportunity to ask questions concerning payment, a copy of the detailed check register will be noticed to the Board in advance, upon completion of the preparation of that manifest.

In the event that a Board Member requests that a particular vendor payment be held for additional questions, that Board Member will contact the Business Administrator directly, and that particular check will be held until the matter has been resolved.

All manifests, supported by original invoices, must be certified by the Business Administrator and must be approved by a majority of the School Board, immediately following the certification.

Moneys drawn on the District’s general fund or any special fund other than activity and principal funds will require the signature of the Treasurer.  Payments drawn on the activity and principal funds will require the signature of the building principal or their designee.  The activity advisor shall not be an authorized signer.

All payments or disbursements involving Federal Grant Funds, shall comply with the provisions of Board policy DAF -Uniform Guidance (2 CFR § 200).

Electronic payments to vendors may be made according to the procedure outlined in policy DGA (Authorized Signatures).

Functions of the Treasurer may be carried out in the Treasurer’s absence by a duly appointed Deputy Treasurer.

The Board strictly prohibits any person from signing a blank check and physical (paper) checks will be pre-numbered.

Legal References:

RSA 197:23-a, Treasurer’s Duties

RSA 294-E, Uniform Electronic Transfers Act

 Category:  R

 1st Read:  May 5, 2015

2nd Read:  October 6, 2015

Adopted:  October 6, 2015



1st Read: April 19, 2022

2nd Read: May 3, 2022

Adopted: May 3, 2022