EBCE – School Closings

No school, office, or system event cancellation or delay will be made without the direct authorization of the Superintendent of Schools. In the event the Superintendent is unavailable, such decisions will be made by the Assistant Superintendent or designee.

Announcements: When the Superintendent decides it is necessary to delay opening or close any facility or school or cancel any school event, the Superintendent will initiate all related communications to the public by radio, television, website, or other available means.

Delayed Opening of Schools: The Superintendent may delay the opening of schools upon determining that weather conditions appear extremely hazardous to operate school buses at the regular early morning hours, but that travel conditions will appreciably improve later in the morning. The public announcement will report the time of the delayed opening. Schools and offices shall close on the regular schedules. After-school activities and events will not be affected by a delayed opening.

Closing of Schools for the Entire Day: When the Superintendent determines that weather or other conditions exist or will develop that would make it unwise to open one or more schools any time during the day, the announcement communicated to media sources shall state either the specific school(s) that are closed or that all schools are closed. If school is closed for the entire day, all evening programs may be canceled.

Afternoon and Evening Program Cancellations: When schools are open to the end of the school day, but weather or other conditions deteriorate in the late afternoon, the Superintendent may decide to cancel afternoon and evening programs. Schools and offices should plan and communicate alternate dates and times to hold programs or events.
Weekend Closings: When weather or other conditions are predicted or develop that would make it hazardous to operate weekend programs or events, the Superintendent is responsible for decisions regarding cancellations and for notifying the appropriate media.

Students, parents, and staff shall be informed early in each school year of the procedures which will be used to notify them in case of emergency closings, whether action is taken before or during school hours. When schools are closed for emergency reasons, staff members shall comply with Board policy in reporting for work.

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1st Read: August 24, 2020
2nd Read: September 1, 2020
Adopted: September 1, 2020