EFDA – Overdue Accounts

Prior to the start of each school year, parents/guardians shall be advised of meal prices and payment options, as well as information on participation in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.  In order to participate in the school food service program, a signed statement must be returned to the Food Service Director indicating the person(s) responsible for payment.  Accounts due may not exceed $50.00 for either staff or students.  Any account in excess of $50.00 unpaid for more than 30 days will be considered overdue and responsible persons who have not contacted the Food Service Director with genuine difficulties or acceptable explanation will receive a Notice of Overdue Account.  If no payment is received or contact made with the District within 14 days of this letter, the Food Service Director or Assistant Director will contact the responsible party and seek agreement and resolution.  If such agreement or resolution is not possible, or should an agreement previously reached not be honored, the account shall be referred to the Superintendent or designee who may pursue such remedy as he deems appropriate including, but not limited to legal action referral to an outside collection agency. In no case will action be taken against a student because of an overdue account.

1st Read:        September 7, 2010
2nd Read:       February 3, 2011
Adopted:        February 3, 2011