JICC-R — Student Conduct on School Buses

The School Board and staff members are very concerned about safety as we transport pupils.  Cooperation from both parents and students is requested as we attempt to keep the buses safe for all concerned.

Students using district transportation should understand that they are under the jurisdiction and code of conduct/disciplinary rules of the school from the time they board the bus until they are deposited as school or are deposited at the stop nearest their home.

General Rules: 

  • The school bus is an extension of the school, and all school rules and regulations which pertain to student conduct, behavior or discipline in the schools are applicable to student conduct on a school bus. Accordingly, in addition to specific rules of conduct and discipline provided below, the ordinary school and District rules and regulations regarding student behavior/conduct/discipline, will simultaneously apply to all students using District transportation, and may result in separate disciplinary actions as permitted under the applicable statutes.
  • The school bus driver is in complete charge of the school bus and the pupils, and shall have the same authority in maintaining discipline as a teacher in the classroom.
  • The District will install on school buses, and will use video surveillance cameras on a random basis.

Student Conduct: 

  • Students will stay on curb or off pavement at side of road until bus stops, door is opened and lights are flashing.
  • Students will board bus in single file and fill seats from front to rear unless assigned seats by the driver.
  • Students will cross the road or street in front of the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and upon direction of the driver (10 foot minimum crossing distance).
  • Students will go directly to an available or assigned seat when entering the bus, and shall move in toward the window. At that time they must fasten their seat belt if available.
  • Students shall remain seated until they have reached their designated stop and the bus has come to a complete stop; aisles and exits must be kept clear at all times and emergency doors will be used for emergencies only.
  • Students will not lower windows without permission of driver. Hands and heads must never be extended from open windows.
  • No smoking at all on any bus including charter trips.
  • No profane language, obscene gestures, excessive noise, fighting, wrestling, or acts of physical aggression will be tolerated.
  • Once a student has boarded the bus, he/she may not get off except at his/her destination (exemption will be made only with a note from principal).
  • Students may ride only the bus to which they have been assigned (exemption will be made only with a note from a principal).
  • The law allows and you are expected to sit three passengers to a seat.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus.
  • No marking or defacing the bus; students will be held responsible for any and all damage to the bus perpetuated by them.
  • No throwing things in the bus, at the bus, or out the window.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus.
  • You are due at your bus stop before the bus is due – the driver will not wait for you.
  • Anything that would create a safety hazard for the passengers or vehicle will not be permitted.
  • Only authorized riders will be permitted on the buses.

Disciplinary Action:

  • Any infraction of the rules of student conduct should be brought to the attention of the principal.
  • Depending on the nature of the infraction, there may be circumstance (for example: infractions involving student safety, alcohol, controlled substances, as defined or scheduled in RSA 318-B) which may result in immediate suspension from school transportation/bus services – such disciplinary action to be at the discretion of the appropriate school administrator, as permitted under RSA 189:9-a; in such circumstance, the Superintendent, and all school principals are authorized to suspend the right of pupils from riding in a school bus when said pupils fail to conform to the reasonable rules and regulations of the District; any suspension from school bus services to continue beyond twenty days must be approved by the School Board;  said suspension shall not begin until the next school day following the day notification of suspension is sent to the pupil’s parent or legal guardian.
  • If a student has been denied the right to ride a school bus for disciplinary reasons, the parent or guardian of the pupil has a right of appeal within ten days of suspension to the authority who ordered the suspension
  • In addition to suspension of transportation rights, a student may also be subject to other general disciplinary rules and procedures applying to general student conduct.
  • Until the appeal is heard, or if the suspension of the student’s right to ride the school bus is upheld, it shall be the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for the pupil for the period of transportation services suspension.
  • A student or his or her parent/guardian may appeal any decision regarding busing services to the New Hampshire Department of Education.

1st Board Reading:  March 28, 2000

Adopted:  May 16, 2000

(Included in Student Handbook)