BHE – School Board Use of E-Mail

The School Board discourages its members from communicating to each other via electronic communication (e-mail) regarding official school district business. The Board will not use e-mail as a substitute for deliberations at Board meetings, for other communications, or for business properly confined to Board meetings. Communications via e-mail of private or confidential school district matters is strictly prohibited.

If an e-mail is originated by a Board member, is communicated to a quorum of the Board, and discusses official school district business, the e-mail will be considered a public document for purposes of the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A.

Legal References:
RSA 91-A:2-a, Communications Outside Meetings
RSA 189:29-a, Records Retention and Disposition
Miller v. Fremont School Board, Rockingham County Superior Court, No. 03-E-152 (2003)

1st Read: February 19, 2013
2nd Read: May 7, 2013
Adopted: May 7, 2013