JICH – Alcohol And Substance Abuse

The ConVal School District recognizes that substance misuse and abuse is a complex problem. For this reason, the district takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the issue through education as a means of prevention, strategies of intervention, policy and enforcement.

This policy refers to any and all illegal substances or items misused with the intention of producing an altered state. No student shall possess, ingest, sell, provide, or be under the influence of substances not prescribed to him or her by a medical practitioner.

The above restrictions shall apply in any of the following situations:
On school property before, during or after school hours, en route to or from school in a school bus or other school authorized vehicle, en route to or from a curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular or athletic activity in a school bus or other authorized vehicle at a curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular or athletic activity.

Reasonable Suspicion
Given reasonable suspicion of substance misuse or abuse, school administrators may conduct reasonable searches of students, including their person and their personal effects. Please refer to policy JIH: Lockers Student Searches and Their Property.

School Violations
Each school level (high school, middle school, and elementary) will develop their own age appropriate procedures.
Procedures will be published in the handbook of each level.

Other Provisions
In all cases where there has been a violation, a school administrator will call a parent or guardian. The student will be released to the parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian cannot be reached or is unwilling to come to the school, the local Police Department will be called; informed of the facts, and requested to take protective custody of the student.
Prescription Drugs/Other Medication
Any student who is required to carry a prescription drug or other medication during school hours shall do so under the provisions of Board Policy JLCD.

Requests for Help
District counseling services will be available upon request to any student who is having problems with substance misuse or abuse. Also, when a student has violated Alcohol and Other Substance Use Policies, the student will be referred to a student assistance counselor. The counselor will provide counseling on an individual basis, or in small groups, and/or assist in making appropriate referrals to outside agencies. Conversations will be kept confidential per the ASCA ethical standards of practice.

Legal References:
             21 U.S.C. § 812(c), Controlled Substances Act
            RSA 318-C, Controlled Drug Act
           RSA 571-C:2, Intoxicating Beverages at Interscholastic Athletic Contests

1st Read: June 20, 2017
2nd Read: July 18, 2017
Adopted: July 18, 2017