GADA — Employment References and Verification (Prohibiting Aiding and Abetting of Sexual Abuse)

The ConVal District shall act in good faith when providing employment references and verification of employment for current and former employees.

The School District, and its employees, contractors, and agents, are prohibited from providing a recommendation of employment, and/or from otherwise assisting any school employee, contractor, or agent in obtaining a new position or other employment if he/she or the District has knowledge of,

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GBA – Equal Opportunity Employment

The District will recruit and consider candidates without regard to gender, sexual orientation,
race, color, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, or disability. The District will not
discriminate against any employee who is a victim of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault,
or stalking.

The District will employ individuals who meet the physical and mental requirements,

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GBCA – Staff Conflict Of Interest

Employees shall not engage in, or have a financial interest in, any activity that raises a reasonable question of conflict of interest with their duties and responsibilities as members of the school staff. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Employees shall not participate for financial remuneration in outside activities wherein their position on the staff is used to sell goods or services to pupils or their parents.

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GBD – Board-Employee Communications

The School Board desires to maintain open channels of communication between itself and the staff.  The basic line of communication will, however, be through the Superintendent of Schools.

Staff Communications to the Board

All communications or reports to the Board or any Board committee from principals, supervisors, teachers, or other staff members shall be submitted through the Superintendent,

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GBEA – Staff Ethics

All employees of the District are expected to maintain high standards in their conduct both on and off duty. District employees are responsible for providing leadership in the school and community. This responsibility requires the employee to maintain standards of exemplary conduct. To these ends, the Board adopts the following statements of standards.  District employees will adhere to the standards enunciated in this Policy in the decision-making process involving their interactions with students,

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GBEB — Staff Conduct

A.  General Provisions.

All employees have the responsibility to make themselves familiar with, and abide by, the laws of the State of New Hampshire as they affect their work, all policies and decisions of the Board, and the administrative regulations and directives designed to implement them.

All employees shall be expected to carry out their assigned duties,

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GBEBB – Employee-Student Relations

Staff members are expected to maintain courteous and professional relationships with students and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning through consistently and fairly applied discipline and established professional boundaries.

Unless necessary to serve an educational, health-related, or student safety purpose:

  1. Staff members shall not make derogatory comments to students regarding the school and/or its staff.

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GBEC – Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools

A. Drug-Free Workplace

1. All District workplaces are drug- and alcohol-free and are designated part of the Drug-Free School Zone under state law. All employees and contracted personnel are prohibited from:
a. Unlawfully manufacturing, dispensing, distributing, possessing, using, or being under the influence of any controlled substance, including any regulated cannabis infused product or any drug while on or in the workplace,

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GBED — Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds

State law prohibits the use of any tobacco product, E-cigarette, or liquid nicotine in any facility or upon any grounds maintained by the District. Students and minors are further prohibited from possessing such items in or upon any facility, school vehicle, or grounds owned or maintained by the District.

A. Definitions: These definitions shall also include any amendments to the referenced statutes as the same may be amended or replaced from time to time.

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GBEF – Acceptable Use Policy: Staff

  1. For purposes of this policy, the term “staff” refers to Contoocook Valley School District employees, including administrative staff, teachers, paraprofessionals, maintenance personnel, food services employees, student teachers, methods students, interns, contracted service personnel, and any volunteers working within the school district.
  2. It is the responsibility of the individual staff member to familiarize him/herself with and abide by the rules of this Acceptable Use Policy,

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GBG – Employee Protection

The School Board will indemnify and hold harmless District employees against claims that may be entered against them as a result of carrying out their assigned responsibilities, as provided under RSA 31:105 and 31:106. To protect the District’s financial resources, as well, the District will provide for liability coverage for all personnel through policies structured to maintain the statutory immunities as provided in RSA 31:107;

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GBGA – Staff Health

I. Medical Examination of School Personnel

All school personnel shall be required to have a pre-employment post offer medical examination by a licensed physician. Any person who objects to all or part of any medical examination because of religious beliefs shall be exempt from the examination, except that no such exemption shall be granted if state or local authorities determine that such exemption would constitute a hazard to the health of persons exposed to the unexamined individual.

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GBJ – Personnel Records

The District will not disclose any employee’s personally identifiable data or information to any person outside of the District, except as may be required by law. Such data or information may be shared with District employees, as necessary.
Personnel Files

The Contoocook Valley School District keeps certain records relating to staff’s employment in a personnel file.

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GBK – Staff Concerns, Complaints, And Grievances

In order to promote efficiency in the administration of schools and to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations, all personnel must observe a chain of command when bringing staff concerns or complaints to the administration’s attention.

The following guidelines should be followed:

  1. All personnel employed by the School Board shall be responsible to the Board through the Superintendent and no dispute or other personnel issue shall be brought to the Board without first having gone to the Superintendent for determination.

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GCA – Teaching Staff Positions

Responsibilities and Duties of Teachers

The teacher shall be academically qualified in the area he/she is to instruct and should demonstrate a competence at transmitting learning to the student and the manner and means of accumulating, assimilating, and evaluation the knowledge associated with his/her academic field. The teacher should demonstrate an awareness of other academic fields and should possess a reasonable and responsible approach toward the education of the whole child.

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GCB – Teaching Staff Contracts

Individual contracts are required to protect the interests of the employee and the School District. Every teacher shall be required to execute a contract, with the School District. The individual contracts shall be signed by the employee and the Chairperson of the School Board.

Category: R

Adopted: March 18, 2003
Amended: September 17,

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GCC – Professional Staff Recruiting

The School Board and the administrative personnel realize that a sound educational system cannot be built and maintained without definite procedures for the recruitment of personnel.

Staff recruitment is the responsibility of the Superintendent and the Human Resources Director. Principals and other staff will assist the Superintendent and Human Resources Director as

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GCG – Part-Time And Substitute Professional Staff Employment (Substitute Teachers)

The Superintendent shall maintain a list of qualified substitute teachers who may be called on to replace regular teachers who are absent. Such a list shall be filed with the principal of each school.

Insofar as possible, the Principal or designee will call teachers on the substitute list for the grades and/or subjects for which they are listed.

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GCI – Professional Staff Development Opportunities

A program of professional development will be established to provide an opportunity for the continuous professional growth of the staff.

Staff members will become knowledgeable regarding new developments and changes in their fields, and will utilize research-based practices.

It shall be the responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent to implement appropriate professional development opportunities.

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GCN – Evaluation Of Instructional Staff

The administration will evaluate teachers a minimum of one time during their certification cycle. A report of completion of evaluation with recommendations will be made annually to the School Board between February 1 and March 31. Teachers who have not completed five full years of service at the time of the annual evaluation report to the School Board shall be considered non-tenured teachers.

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GCO – Teacher Performance And Evaluation

The School Board intends to seek and maintain the best qualified staff to provide quality education for students. Accordingly, the Board will adopt and the Superintendent will implement a teacher performance evaluation system. Input will be sought from teachers and administrators with respect to the evaluation system, procedures, and criteria. The goal shall be to have a system of ongoing appraisal of the performance of staff which provides:

  1. A systematic process whereby the performance and effectiveness of a teacher shall be evaluated through a written evaluation procedure.

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GCQAB – Tutoring For Pay

No teacher, other District employee, or contracted service provider, may receive pay for tutoring one of his/her current pupils. Teachers, other District employees, and contracted service providers shall not tutor for pay any child from his/her building without prior written approval from the building principal. All questions regarding tutoring for pay should be referred to the building principal.

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GCQC – Resignation Of A Staff Member

All staff members who sign a contract or Statement of Employment are expected to honor that work agreement.

Resignations tendered between the time the employee signs the contract and July 1 of a given year will not be accepted unless and until a suitable and fully qualified replacement is hired.
Resignations tendered after July 1 of the year of the contract will not be accepted nor will the employee be released from his/her employment.

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GDO – Evaluation Of Support Staff

The performance of each member of the support staff shall be monitored throughout the year. The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for a formal written assessment of the employee’ performance based on her/her specifically assigned duties, which will be submitted according to District procedures.

It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent to implement appropriate evaluation procedures for support staff.

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GDQ – Terminiation Of Support Staff Personnel

If at any time during the employment of a support staff employee there is an indication that he or she is not carrying out his or her duties as assigned, he or she may be suspended from that duty immediately, and further action, including dismissal, may be recommended by the superintendent.


The Superintendent may suspend a support staff employee at any time when deemed necessary.

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