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Information Bulletin 99-2                                                                                        August 1999


The 1997 edition of the NTFPA 101 Life Safety Code has been adopted as part of the New Hampshire State Fire Code (Section SAF-C 8008.03),


ECA-R – Safe School Procedures


The procedures set forth below are designed to safeguard access to ConVal Schools for individuals who have legitimate reasons for being in the schools. These procedures have been established to properly identify all visitors to District buildings and regulate access in an effort to protect all students and staff. An effective access control policy will enhance the overall security of District buildings and prepare each building to respond to an emergency event.

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ECF-R – Energy Management & Conservation

The following operating procedures include clear areas of responsibility for the conservation of electricity and fuel in ConVal District schools. Those areas are administration, building maintenance, building improvements, and transportation.

In all cases, operating procedures will be continually reviewed in an effort to achieve the most efficient use of energy resources.


Each school principal is responsible,

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EEAEA-R — Drug And Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

School bus and commercial vehicle drivers shall be subject to a drug and alcohol testing program that fulfills the requirements of the Code of Federal regulations, Title 49, Part 382.

Other persons who drive vehicles designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver, are likewise subject to the drug and alcohol testing program.

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EHB-R Data/Records Retention


Litigation Hold

On receipt of notice from legal counsel representing the District that a litigation hold is required, the routine destruction of governmental records, including paper and electronic records, which are or may be subject to the litigation hold shall cease.  The destruction of records subject to a litigation hold shall not resume until the district has received a written directive from the attorney representing the district authorizing resumption of the routine destruction of those records.

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IJOA-R Request for Educational Field Trip


At least two weeks before the proposed day of any field trip if transportation is involved, the teacher shall supply the following information to the principal in duplicate.


School: _____________    Grade:  _______________    Date: ____________


Teacher: ________________________________




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IJOC-R Volunteers

Volunteer Duties

A. Complete an application form describing their skills, interests and availability.

B.  Serve in the capacity of assistants and not be assigned to roles which require specific professional training. Instructional services shall be rendered under the supervision of certified staff.

C. Sign a confidentiality agreement, and refrain from discussing the performance or actions of a student except with the student’s teacher,

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JCA-R Procedures for Grades K-8 Student Enrollment Annual Transfers

Note:  These procedures do not apply in the case of School Choice, as it relates to No Child Left Behind.

For students Residing in the District:

Parent(s)/Guardians will submit written requests for student enrollment transfers to the home and receiving building principal.  The written request will include a summary of the unique circumstances leading to the request for transfer.

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JICC-R — Student Conduct on School Buses

The School Board and staff members are very concerned about safety as we transport pupils.  Cooperation from both parents and students is requested as we attempt to keep the buses safe for all concerned.

Students using district transportation should understand that they are under the jurisdiction and code of conduct/disciplinary rules of the school from the time they board the bus until they are deposited as school or are deposited at the stop nearest their home.

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JLCC-R: Head Lice Procedure

Obligations of the District/Administration/School Nurse

On the day of identification, the school nurse, principal, or delegatee will:

  • notify parent/guardian
  • provide the parent/guardian/adult student, or send home with the student –
    1. “Guidelines On Head Lice – ConVal School District” brochure
    2.  Head Lice Checklist for the Home
  • advise parent/guardian/adult student to contact health-care provider or pharmacist regarding treatment options
  • advise parent/guardian/adult student to notify close contacts as per brochure
  • at the discretion of the school nurse,

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JLF-R: Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

Contoocook Valley School District

Mandated Reporting Protocol Outline

Any school employee “having reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected” must “immediately” report that suspicion to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) ” by telephone or otherwise.” This initial report must be “followed within 48 hours by a report in writing,

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