FA – Facilities, Development Goals/Priority Objectives

As the Board seeks to incorporate the most appropriate and cost-effective risk management techniques for less prevention and control, and to overcome deficiencies in its physical plant, it will strive to provide new and remodeled facilities that will offer the best possible physical environment for learning and teaching. The Board specifically recognizes the need and importance of regular and substantial capital maintenance,

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FAA – Annual Facility Plan


A. Drafting and Adoption. Each year, the School Board shall adopt an updated Facility Plan. The first Facility Plan shall be adopted no later than November 15, 2021, with an updated plan approved by the Board by June 1 of 2023 and each year thereafter.

The Facility Plan shall be developed and drafted by the Superintendent or his/her designee,

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FBB – Enrollment Projections

Enrollment projections will be prepared every five years under the direction of the Superintendent and will be reviewed and brought up to date annually.

The projections will take into consideration the following:

  1. School registration figures
  2. Review of forthcoming changes in town planning and zoning
  3. Review of current and planned community land development and housing projects

Whenever construction of new school facilities or the closing of any school buildings is being contemplated,

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FE – Facilities Construction

Changing educational needs require the planning, design, and construction of new educational facilities as well as to renovate or make additions to existing schools. The size, complexity, and potential cost for such a program requires that the Superintendent develop a comprehensive plan in the following areas:

  1. Educational program spatial requirements and assessment of the adequacy of existing facilities to accommodate present or proposed educational programs.

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FEH – Change Orders Procedures

Process for Approval

Change orders that change the approved scope of the project will be submitted to the School Board (or subcommittee) for approval prior to work commencing. Change orders that do not change the scope of the work, but are the result of unforeseen circumstances discovered during the course of the project,

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FF – Naming of District Buildings and Facilities and Dedication of Areas


The purpose of this policy is to establish a process and guidelines for the naming of School District school buildings or facilities, and naming or dedication of areas of buildings or facilities.

The naming of a building or facility, or the designation of an area of a building or facility falls within the authority of the School Board.

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FL – Retirement of Facilities

A school will be considered for a comprehensive closing study if any of the following conditions apply:

1. The school building is inadequate by virtue of age, condition, size of site, or other overriding limitations and cannot reasonably and economically be brought up to the current educational standards.

2. The school has substantially under capacity for a two-year period and is projected to remain so.

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