CA – Administration Goals

Proper administration of the schools is vital to a successful educational program. The general purpose of the Administration shall be to coordinate and supervise, under the policies of the School Administration Unit Board, the operation of the school district. Administrative duties and functions should be appraised in terms of the contribution made to improving instruction and learning.

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CB – School Superintendent


The Superintendent may delegate to subordinates any of his/her powers and duties that the School Board has entrusted to him/her, but in every instance that a power of duty is delegated, he/she shall continue to be responsible to the Board for the execution of the power or duty delegated.

The duties of the Superintendent are defined in his/her contract of employment,

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CBC – Superintendent’s Right To Counsel

In formal hearings or in situations in which the Superintendent or his/her designee cannot be represented by the School Board’s counsel, she/he shall be entitled to employ the counsel of his/her choice at District expense. The Superintendent or his/her designee will inform the Board as to the choice of counsel. This provision shall not apply in situations involving the employment status of the Superintendent.

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CBI – Evaluation of the Superintendent and Goal Setting

The School Board shall annually evaluate the Superintendent based on written criteria as established by the Board. The evaluation shall encompass the Superintendent’s position as contained in Board Policy CB – School Superintendent.

The assessment of the Superintendent will consist of three primary areas of performance:

1. Progress on Board goals as established in the annual planning process with agreed measures of performance.

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CF — School Building Administration

The School Board reaffirms the rights and responsibilities of the building principals for the administration of their various programs and buildings within the broad scope of the adopted Board policies.

Specifically, the principal of the individual school is the responsible head and professional leader in the development of the educational program and the improvement of instruction in the school of which he/she is the principal and in interpreting that school to the community.

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CFA – Individual School Administrative Personnel



The principals shall be appointed by the School Board following the nomination of the Superintendent. Should the School Board fail to accept the nomination of the Superintendent, the Superintendent will be directed to present another name in nomination.

Candidates for position of principal will file a written application with the Director of Human Resources (HR).

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CFB – Evaluation of Administrative Staff

The purpose of appraising the performance and effectiveness of administrators is to promote improvement in the administrative function, to recognize exceptional professional performance, and ultimately to bring continued improvement in the teaching-learning process in the district schools.

Each administrator’s performance and effectiveness will be assessed within the scope of that person’s area of responsibility,

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CH – Policy Implementation

The administration of the school system, in all its aspects, shall be delegated to the Superintendent who shall carry out his administrative functions in accordance with the policies adopted by the School Board. The execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operation of the school system shall be delegated to the Superintendent.

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CHD – Administration In Policy Absence

In the absence of established School Board policy or School Board direction, the Superintendent of Schools shall assume responsibility for whatever decision or action is required. When appropriate, principals or other administrative or instructional personnel shall gain the approval of the Superintendent.

In situations, which arise within the schools, where the Board has provided no guides for administrative action,

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CM – School District Annual Report

An annual report covering the business and educational programs of the school system and the administration’s recommendations for their improvement shall be prepared by the Superintendent and presented to the School Board prior to the annual Deliberative Session. Upon Board approval, the report shall be made available to the public and used as one means for informing parents and citizens,

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