IKF – High School Graduation

To qualify for high school graduation, students must complete a course of study which includes the following:

  1. Successful completion of 26 subject credits and/or related competencies, as outlined below. Effective with the class of 2019.

a. English                                                                         4 credits
b. Social Studies (including 1 in US History,            3 credits
.5 in US/NH Gov., .5 in Economics,
1 in Global Studies)
c. Science (1 in Living, 1 in Physical)                          3 credits
d. Mathematics (including Algebra)                           3 credits
e. Physical Education                                                     1 credit
f. Health                                                                            1 credit
g. Digital Literacy/ITC                                                  .5 credit
h. Arts Education                                                           .5 credit
j. Service Learning/Community Service                   .5 credit
k. Elective Offerings                                                       9.5 credits

The normal program of instruction for seniors may be modified to make adequate preparations for graduation exercises.

a. If local conditions necessitate the holding of graduation exercises prior to the completion of the standard school year, in no case shall graduation be scheduled prior to the 175th day of instruction. No school day shall be modified for preparation activities prior to the 175th day.

b. It is understood that modifications in the schedule for the last few days of school shall apply only to seniors. All other classes shall complete 180 days of instruction and maintain their normal class schedules, in accordance to Policy IC.

All students with disabilities in the ConVal School District shall have an equal opportunity to complete a course of studies leading to a regular high school diploma. A regular diploma shall be issued to all students who:

  • Have successfully achieved of 26 credits
  • Have met specific course requirements as described in the ConVal High School Program of Studies
  • Have met all attendance requirements as stated in the ConVal High School Program of Studies (or/and local district policy)

The term “regular high school diploma” does not include an alternative degree that is not fully aligned with the State’s academic standards, such as a certificate or a general educational development credential (GED).

Legal Reference:

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.04(a)(14), Policy Development
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.14(f), Basic Instructional Standards
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.27(i, d, m), Required Subjects and Unit of Credit for High School Graduation

Category: R

See also ILBAA, IMBC

1st Reading: April 1, 2014
2nd Reading: August 19, 2014
Adoption: August 19, 2014