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During the October 2 School Board Meeting, Bob Edwards presented a review of the science lab renovations at ConVal Regional High School.

Earlier this year, a complete renovation of four classrooms/laboratories used by the Science Department at ConVal was approved and funded by the School Board and district voters. The initial project estimate was over $1.5 million.

For many years, ConVal High School (CVHS) has been the site of not just our high school but also of a regional Applied Technology Center (ATC). The ATC has remained in continuous operation since its beginning in the 1990’s.

Over the last four years, there has been a concerted effort by our school board and the district to revitalize and update our programs to better serve our students.

All ConVal Elementary Schools have made a commitment to delivering a school curriculum that includes Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Teachers are working together with School Counselors, Special Educators, and Occupational Therapists to create lessons using Responsive Classroom, Zones of Regulation, and Social Thinking resources.

One of the major ways to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom is to develop the classroom rules together.

Last year, the ConVal School District started to use Twitter as a communications platform.

Teachers at each of the eleven schools now share classroom projects, special events, and school-wide assemblies online, all in an effort to showcase the many exciting things that are happening in the district every day.

The individual tweets from the eight elementary schools,

Upcoming Events

October Tuesday
Budget & Property Committee Mtg. @ SAU
5:30 pm
October Tuesday
Communication Committee Mtg. @ SAU
7:00 pm
October Thursday
Food Service Committee Mtg. @ SAU
6:00 pm
October Thursday
Selectmen’s Advisory Committee Mtg. @ SAU
7:00 pm
November Saturday
School Board Budget Work Session @ SAU
8:30 am
November Tuesday
Policy Committee Mtg. @ SAU
6:00 pm

2018-2019 School Board Goals

  1. Develop and communicate a warrant article that proposes a long-term, sustainable organizational structure for the ConVal School District.
  2. Adopt, publish, and implement a comprehensive Board communications plan.
  3. Examine and support the equitable distribution of resources at ConVal High School.
  4. Review the implications of universally available pre-school within the ConVal School District.
  5. Continue to support the enhancement and growth of business and community partnerships that result in high-value education and post-graduate career pathways.