ConVal School Board

Upcoming Events

January Thursday
Selectmen’s Advisory Committee Mtg. @ SAU
7:00 pm
January Friday
Supplementary Public Budget Hearing @ SAU
6:00 pm
January Monday
Education Committee Meeting @ SAU Offices
5:30 pm
February Tuesday
Deliberative Session (Dist. Mtg. Part I) @ CVHS Gym (Snow Date: 2/8/18)
6:00 pm
February Thursday
Snow Date: Deliberative Session (Dist. Mtg. Part I) @ CVHS Gym
6:00 pm
February Thursday
Strategic Plan Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
6:00 pm

A Shared Commitment to Educational Opportunity and Excellence

The ConVal School Board strives to support and continually advance the quality of education in our schools, while meeting the individual educational needs of all students in our district. We are dedicated advocates for the district’s children, focused on the goal that each and every student leaves the ConVal system prepared for responsible citizenship, life-long learning, and productive employment. We believe it’s a responsibility we share with the students, their parents, teachers, administrators, and the residents of our nine-town community.
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Role of the School Board:

The School Board’s role is to see that our schools are well run by strong educational and fiscal leaders, and through the formulation of and adherence to effective policies and procedures competently administered by those leaders. Our role is not to run the schools through direct administration; that’s the job of our district and school administrators.

The Board sets the guidelines, regulations and standards of instruction, partnering with the district’s educational leaders through planning and assessment, with consulting professionals outside our district, and with others who may be affected by its actions. The Board oversees and approves the expenditure of all funds, which are appropriated in the school district’s annual budget and provide for administrative and teaching staff, teaching materials, facilities, and resources for all district educational and athletic programs.

In addition to attending the regularly scheduled meetings each month, members serve on at least one of several standing sub-committees, Budget and Property, Education, Policy, Selectmen’s Advisory and Negotiations. From time to time, the Board establish up “ad hoc” committees to deal with specific issues.

Serving on a local school board requires energy, commitment, patience, and a willingness to work as part of a team. Most of the Board’s work is made up of the things that make ConVal’s schools work so well: reviewing curriculum, providing up-to-date technology, crafting professional development programs to keep teachers learning. It’s challenging, time-consuming work-but the rewards are real: students who set and achieve challenging personal goals; teachers who inspire as well as instruct; parents and residents who share a commitment to educational opportunity and excellence.

Each year the Board and the administration meet to establish, review and then set yearly goals.

2017-2018 School Board Goals

  1. Support the enhancement and growth of business and community partnerships that result in high value educational and post-graduate career pathways.
  2. Complete organizational structures that are educationally sound, equitable and financially efficient.
  3. Adopt and publish a comprehensive communications plan for the school district and resource the same.