ConVal High School Lab Renovations

General Information

ConVal science classrooms and chemical storage room are original to the building. After 45 years of wear and tear, these heavily used spaces are now in poor condition. This raises safety concerns. During it 2015 reaccreditation visit, the NEASC cited ConVal’s science labs as a problem that must be rectified in order for the school to remain accredited.  The science classrooms lack adequate safety equipment, and are out of compliance with ADA regulations, Ventilation is inadequate, as there is only one working air exchange hood in the chemistry classrooms. The cabinetry needs replacing, as much of it has broken shelving or doors and does not close properly. Electrical service and plumbing also need updates, as several electrical outlets and sinks do not function correctly. The current space interferes with our ability to meet the needs of students with 504 or IEP accommodations requiring wheelchair access or quiet spaces to work without distractions.

The chemical storage room does not meet all National Fire Prevention Association Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials, NFPA 251-1969. Openings from the chemical storage room to adjacent classrooms do not have four-inch raised sills, self-closing fire doors, an open-grate trench, or an approved ventilation system. Flammable chemical storage cabinets are vented directly to the chemical storage room. The chemical storage room does not have direct access to goggles, deluge shower, nor eyewash station (NEASC 2015).

The proposed renovations will provide:

  • appropriate ventilation and lighting
  • updated plumbing
  • Updated electrical outlets
  • safe chemical storage
  • Safe equipment storage
  • flexible large and small group instructional spaces
  • ADA compliant space including wheelchair accessibility
  • lab preparation area separate from instructional spaces

Architectural Plans



Costs and Timeline



Estimated Tax Impact

Estimated Tax Impact