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ConVal Consolidation/ Reconfiguration: Data Party

Dear ConVal community residents,

Prismatic Services is the consulting company chosen by the ConVal School Board to analyze the pros and cons of consolidation/reconfiguration for the school district.  On November 15th, Prismatic shared the data they have generated with the ConVal board members, district leaders, and school principals. 

 “We call this event a ‘data party’, said Tatia Prieto, the president of Prismatic.  “It’s a way to enable organizational leaders to engage with key data elements before the project recommendations and report are finalized.  We gathered this information over the last five months through extensive interaction with the ConVal community.”

At the three hour public meeting, ConVal representatives reviewed the data ‘placemats’, which were organized into 4 categories: Background Data, Community Input Data, Constituent Input Data, and Beliefs and Research Data (see also the linked file list below).  After analyzing each placemat in small groups, the leaders came back together to share key insights, discussion points, and questions. Prismatic will use the input provided from this meeting to shape its recommendations for reconfiguration options as the firm begins to develop its project report.  

Dick Dunning, the school board chairman, said, “Prismatic has done their job well.  They started with no preconceived outcomes, and their data has been expertly and thoroughly compiled. I look forward to hearing what they recommend for the long-term success of our school district, both educationally and financially.  And then, as always, the final decision will rest with the voters.”


ConVal School Board

Data Party File List: