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Consolidation/ Reconfiguration Update

ConVal Community,

There are multiple ways to run a project the size and importance of Consolidation/Reconfiguration.

The typical way is to lay out all activities, assign responsibilities and target dates up-front. Another way is more iterative (assigning target dates and responsibilities as the project moves along). For many reasons, we (Prismatic and Conval) decided in the beginning of this project to use the iterative approach. These two approaches have the same goals and objectives and will accomplish the same end.

It is now time to lay-out the activities done, in-progress and to be done with the assigned delivery dates. The best venue for this is the bi-weekly school board meeting. It is open to the public, supports on-line viewing and there is no practical limit to the number of on-line attendees. Of course you can also attend in person if you so choose.

During this meeting we will be presenting the activities that have already taken place, the ones in progress and the upcoming ones with dates. At a higher level we will be presenting the goals of the project, its phases and schedule.

Please take the time to attend either in person at the SAU Board room or on-line. The logistics are as follows: Date November 7, time 7:00 PM on line access address
https://www.youtube.com/@ConValEvents , select “2023 November 7 School board meeting” and you will be on-line. If you plan on attending in-person just show up and grab a seat.

To note: this is a recorded meeting so if you can;’t attend at the scheduled time or date you can click on the above on-line access address at any time subsequent to the live meeting that is convenient for you.

Remember this is an official school board meeting so there is no discussion between the board and public either in-house or on-line.

We are, as always, open and transparent and sincerely want community involvement. Be involved.

ConVal School Board