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ConVal Community Forum — update

We have received excellent response to the Community Forum survey we provided for community input.

As a quick recap to the survey results:

There were 135 survey respondents with 92 noting they will be attending the Community Forum in person.

The survey topics in ranked order of selection by the community:

  • Masking and COVID 19 
  • Protocols when staff and students test positive
  • Changes in curriculum
  • Budget, how is it paid for and what happens to money not spent?
  • Learning recovery plan
  • Small community schools and sustainability
  • Legal mandates and ConVal

We had made the commitment to selecting the top four ranked choices for presentation and questions/answers (a dialog). As we analyzed the results we saw that the top five topics were very close in rankings. We decided that we would expand our presentations to the top five vs. the top four.

There is also an hour set aside (8-9 PM) for the audience to ask questions of the on-stage panel that are not in the presentation topics above.

It was satisfying to also see that the question of which level of school the respondent had students in contained approx. 15% who noted none. This means that not only are parents interested in our district school system but so are community members that do not have students in our district.

Important to note from our previous correspondence. Due to physical distancing requirements we had to limit the number of community members attending in-person at the Lucy Hurlin theatre to less than 100. As you can see above we are close to capacity and cannot accommodate community members attend in-person that did not respond in the survey. We are providing a livestream for those who cannot be accommodated in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre.  You can view the live stream from your own environment.

To assist those whose home environment does not support live stream we will make available an overflow room at the high school for community members to view the forum as a live stream. Remember, live stream is “view only” and does not allow for interaction with the does not allow for interaction with the presenters. Seating in this “overflow” area will be on a first come, first seat basis and as soon as it is at capacity we will not be able to seat any more.


The below agenda outlines the sequence of topic presentations and the presenters. It is important to note that others members of the ConVal school board, who are not presenting will also be on stage to assist in answering any questions. Included in the agenda (at the bottom) is the link to click on to access the live stream.

We are looking forward to a productive forum.


ConVal School Board and Administration


September 30, 2021

Lucy Hurlin Theatre

ConVal High School

7 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Opening remarks – Alan Edelkind

Moderator remarks – Tim Theberge_


  • Masking and COVID 19, Protocols when staff and/or Students test positive
    • Presenters: Tim Theberge, Keira Christian
    • Q/A to follow presentations
  • Budget, how it is paid for and what happens to money not spent
    • Presenter – Jim Fredrickson
    • Q/A to follow presentation
  • Learning recovery plan, Changes in Curriculum
    • Presenters Dr. Kimberly Rizzo-Saunders. Dr. Ann Forrest
    • Q/A to follow presentations

Open forum

  • Questions and discussions
    • Participants – ConVal community, School board and administration

Closing remarks – Janine Lesser

To access the forum via live stream please click on the below link

Click here to watch the live stream of the Community Forum