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No. 7: ConVal Education Association Collective Bargaining Agreement

by ConVal School Board Member Jim Fredrickson

January 29, 2021

This article will address Warrant Articles 2 and 3 which are associated the proposed extension of the contract between the School Board and the Contoocook Valley Education Association (CVEA).

CVEA is the exclusive representative of district employees in the Collective Bargaining Unit which includes district teachers, specialized service professionals and paraprofessionals. CVEA does not represents District supervisory or administrative staff.

The Board and CVEA appoint members to their respective negotiating teams which then conduct the negotiations – typically during the summer and fall prior to expiration of the contract term. The resulting agreement is subject to approval by the full membership of each respective organization. Following that approval, the Board and CVEA approved “Collective Bargaining Agreement” (CBA or contract) is subject to voter approval. Only then does it take effect.

Both the School Board and CVEA have voted on and approved the proposed contract extension that is the subject of Article 02.

For full details, please read this .pdf file.