Featured image of article: School Board Proud Of Community Collaboration

School Board Proud Of Community Collaboration

by ConVal School Board Member Janine Lesser

The Monadnock region school districts are very busy developing and implementing our local school reopening. I’d like to highlight the work that went into ConVal’s reopening plan: it is the result of three months of community-wide efforts of the ConVal administration, the educators and school staff, the public health professionals, law enforcement, town administration, parents, and the school board.

This joint effort resulted in a plan that considers the safety and health of students and all school staff, and utilizes community resources to meet these needs. The plan utilizes research and data in identifying those practices that give the nine communities of ConVal its best chance at opening safely.

School districts across the state have reviewed the plan, and have also found the plan to be thorough and far-reaching, and have requested permission to use parts of the plan within their own.

ConVal parents have met with their individual school principals and teachers to get the information they need to make the right decision for their children.

I am most proud of our nine community collaboration that made this plan possible, and the support that has been evident between all parties throughout this process.

I’d also like to highlight that it is the commitment of our communities that make it possible for school districts to consider opening – the ability to open schools safely is dependent on the community transmission rate. When you wear a mask and maintain social distance guidelines, you are helping our schools to reopen and supporting families across the region.

Thank you to everyone and let’s keep up the good work!