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Thank You, Parents, For Your Support During Remote Learning

by the Members of the ConVal School Board

In representing all in the ConVal School District, the ConVal School Board would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our parents, guardians, and students for your incredible patience and flexibility as we conclude the 2019-2020 school year.

We understand the enormous responsibility and challenges that Remote Learning placed on parents, guardians, and students as you had to create time, space, routine, and support for learning at home. We realize that all of our families are experiencing a difficult time and that there are many other needs, in addition to student learning, that are critical as we work through this crisis together.

We are so thankful to our families and students for all the amazing gestures of kindness and generosity we keep reading about. From donating to food banks, sewing masks, thanking first responders, doctors and nurses. Writing notes of gratitude to teachers, staff, bus drivers, and food service workers. Sending videos and slideshows of students singing songs, creating art, performing science projects, or just to cheer up those around them.

We honor all of you and your acts of generosity and kindness, patience and resilience, and the fortitude and determination you have demonstrated.

Together, we are ConVal.

With sincere thanks,

The ConVal School Board