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SAU, School Board Provide Budget Explanations

As part of the budget planning and approval process, the ConVal School Board has created explanatory documents that are designed to inform the public.

The SAU has prepared a Powerpoint presentation which guided the budget hearing presentation on January 7th. This file is available in .pdf form by clicking here.

The ConVal Budget Overview by school board member Alan Edelkind (Dublin) details the fundamentals of school district budgeting:

  • funding sources (federal, state, local)
  • categories of expenditures (costs for personnel, professional services, property and maintenance) and
  • budget reserves.

The document also explains the budget formula and the components that make up the district assessment.

The School Budget Primer by school board member Jim Fredrickson (Sharon) explains the

  • budget-building process
  • budget structure
  • district tax assessment and
  • warrant articles.

The primer also lays out some of the consequences of going to the default budget.