Featured image of article: The 2020-2021 ConVal School Budget Begins

The 2020-2021 ConVal School Budget Begins

Every March, all voters in the district are provided with the opportunity to vote on the budget for the following school year.

In addition, there are some items that frequently appear and require voter approval, including acceptance of the auditor reports, appropriation of funds for the various district trust funds, and School Board member salaries.

The ballots may also include some additional warrant articles that require voter approval. Warrant articles can be initiated either by the School Board or by voter petition.

Since the 2020 district ballots could include all of the above, the School Board will work to keep all voters informed along the way.

The Superintendent and Administration have been working on the budget these past weeks and made a presentation to the entire school Board on November 2nd.

This daylong work session marked the formal rollout of the 2020-2021 budget.