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ConVal School Board Committee Work

Often people ask, “When did that budget item or curriculum change get presented, researched, or discussed?”

At the regular school board meeting, the full board votes on items that have been researched, discussed, compared, debated, and revised several times during the committee work. Only then are these items reported out to the Board for a Board recommendation or vote.

For someone in the audience or reading about it in the paper or on the website, it might appear that the new topic did not have much prior discussion. This is never the case. Often, the change or topic has been in committee for a long time and through many revisions.

The ConVal School Board has a series of standing committees, listed below:

From time to time, ad hoc committees may be formed to tackle a specific issue.

In our attempt to keep our communities informed, we do have all agendas and meeting minutes posted on the ConVal School Board website.

You are invited to attend any of these meetings. To find the schedule for upcoming meetings, go to ConVal School Board at schoolboard.convalsd.net and scroll to the bottom where you will find Quicklinks. Then go to School Board Calendar of Events.

Thank you for your continued support of the ConVal schools.