Featured image of article: Superior Court Hearing Scheduled For March 29, 2019

Superior Court Hearing Scheduled For March 29, 2019

March 25, 2019

Contoocook Valley School District, in its effort to keep our communities informed, is sharing the following important information:

As many are already aware the Contoocook Valley School District filed a Complaint against the State regarding its continued failure to adequately fund a constitutionally adequate education on March 13, 2019. ConVal has requested the Superior Court order the State to comply with its constitutional mandate this fiscal year and in particular prior to the final adequacy payment of April 1, 2019. Therefore, the District also filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to request that the State be made to pay the shortfall of adequacy in the amount of $16,961, 843.75.

A preliminary injunction is an order from the court, early in the stages of a lawsuit that requires a party to act or not act in a certain way pending a ruling or outcome. There are multiple reasons to request an injunction, in this case we want to be sure that we do not let April 1, 2019 go by without indicating that the State’s adequacy payments have been insufficient and thereby potentially lose our standing to receive what we believe is the correct amount in adequacy.

The State has until March 26, 2019 to respond in writing to our Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and the Cheshire Superior Court has scheduled a hearing for March 29, 2019 at 9 AM in Keene.

— The ConVal School Board