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Single-Tier School Bussing

by ConVal School Board Member Stephan Morrissey

For the past several years, there have been several constituents and groups that have been advocating for later start times for high school students. Both the board and administration are aware of a number of studies that seem to support better educational outcomes for high school age children in those places that have adopted later starting times. The board requested proposals that would accomplish this.

Based on prior surveys, the administration formulated a single tier system that would keep older children and elementary children separate while accomplishing this goal. It was their opinion that the best way would require us to add more bus routes and would add about $800,000 plus to the budget ANNUALLY. This cost number assumes our current school configuration and meets the goal that prior surveys seemed to demand.

Our large district geography, along with parents’ impression/desire that grades K-12 not be on the same bus, combined with the number of schools within the district, make this desirable action an expensive one. The board decided to approve and advance this to the voters by a narrow margin because it was felt that the voters should have the final say if this educational benefit was a worthwhile investment.

Please feel free to contact members of your school board with any questions and with your opinions. Lastly REMEMBER TO COME OUT AND TO VOTE!