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School Board Offers Background Information On Budget, Budget Process

Many residents of the ConVal School District have a solid understanding of the school budget process and have kept up with the changes that were implemented during the past few years regarding the ConVal budget.

But the ConVal School Board also recognizes that there are residents who are new to the district and want to gain a better understanding of how the annual district budget is proposed and finalized before it comes before the voters for annual approval. The following documents are intended to offer a closer perspective on how the budget was established for the 2019-2020 school year.

The first document consists of a slideshow that can be read online. The presentation contains five subsections:

  1. Overview: a brief summary of our district school budget.
  2. School district budget process: a detailed description of how the Con Val school budget is created.
  3. The 2018-19 budget: an explanation about recent increases in the “local education” portion of 2018 property tax bills in the district.
  4. District tax assessment methodology: a discussion about how each town contributes to district costs.
  5. Proposed warrant articles: what taxpayers can expect to see on the March 2019 ballot.

For those who want to explore the budget process in even greater detail, the Schoolboard offers a second document, the 2019-2020 School Budget Primer, for even more information about the ConVal School District budget.