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ConVal’s Applied Technology Center Charts Future

For many years, ConVal High School (CVHS) has been the site of not just our high school but also of a regional Applied Technology Center (ATC). The ATC has remained in continuous operation since its beginning in the 1990’s.

Over the last four years, there has been a concerted effort by our school board and the district to revitalize and update our programs to better serve our students. To that end, there has been considerable outreach to local businesses and manufacturers resulting in programs being discontinued, revised or added.

The center features several state approved programs in a variety of fields that are offered to our students and students from other local high schools. Examples of these programs range from computer programming, graphic arts, fire safety as well as our most recent addition in manufacturing. These programs are often tied in with opportunities for students to do internships and to obtain free college credits. These credits can be applied  towards degrees from local community colleges and even some job opportunities.

In the past, the CVHS and ATC offered the public post high school community education programs. Unfortunately, due to a recession and various budgetary reasons, the adult education programs were discontinued .

However, some  exciting developments to help bring back this great community resource and connection is the probability that Nashua Community College (NCC) will begin to offer college programs to the public in the Spring of 2019. These courses will be offered after the regular school day at our high school campus. We have been working with NCC to develop a cooperative agreement that would allow the college to use our facilities after hours in return for providing free seats at these college credit classes for some our students. These courses will be open to the community as well for a fee.

We envision Conval as a center of education that benefits the region in its entirety with educational opportunities for all ages. This first in the state cooperative effort, between your Conval High school and NCC will offer affordable college degree opportunities and job opportunities to both our students at the high school as well all adults in our area.

We look forward to providing you with additional updates as they become available.